Friesian Horses

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“Purple Mist”



Are you looking for a very unique one-of-a-kind piece of art for your home or business?  If so, this is the place to find just what you would enjoy, a piece of art just for you.  We will work together to create a picture that I will hand paint on tile for you..  I will paint it using china paints that are fired on the tile, thus making the picture permanent on the tile.  It can be used for wall art or installed within a tile installation on the wall, floor, tub surround or wherever else you might decide to install tile.  I can paint any tile that can be fired…………the choice is yours.

Prices for the tile are based on the amount of art on each tile when painting murals. If there are tile that have very little detail, I do not charge for them.
Murals: $225.00 per square ft.
Single tile prices:
12″ x 12″ tile 225.00
6″ x 6″ tile 35.00
4″ x 4″ tile 22.00

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Email:    Order art for your home or business.

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