Hummingbird  Blue-throated Daisies smaller Hummingbird with blackberries   smaller

Hummingbirds on colored porcelainwhute-eared-hummigbird-sandra-maddox

Rufous Hummingbird                                               White-eared Hummingbird



Hummingbirds  Ruby-throated  Perched      Hummingbird  Ruby-throated in flight

Ruby-throated Hummingbird on Coneflower        Ruby-throated Hummingbird / Foxglove

Do you like hummingbirds?  I will paint a series of tile with different hummingbirds of your choice or we can create a mural featuring hummingbirds.  They make a very colorful work of art……nature’s “flying jewels” that are also “nature’s helicopters”.  Very fascinating birds.

If you want hummingbirds for your home:

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